Organized Bible Study

Organized Bible Study

My Dad (John Dean) wrote this note to me, and I thought I would share it, since there are probably a few people who study the Bible that read this blog who could benefit from using this system:

I have been taking notes for years on my Bible Study, but I never can find what I want when I refer back to them. I read an article about a way to always be able to refer back to your notes and find what you want right away. It is really simple. Get a box of 3X5 cards and a card index. Lable each index with the name of a book of the Bible. As you study, write out the passage on the card, and then write your comments on the passage. If the passage is a lengthy passage, break it down by putting in …….. to shorten it. You can refer to the full passage in your Bible. After you write your comment, date the entry. Then file it under the book of the Bible. Then you can refer to your notes easily. You can also look back on those notes and add additional notes when you have something else to say. I have started using this method, and I think it is an excellent way to be organized, and I expect years from now, I can see how the Holy Spirit may have influenced me or changed how I look at the passage. If you study the same passage later, and you get a new revelation of it or you want to add something to it, just add another card for the passage or if space is available on the card, put in your additional entry. Date each new entry.
I hope you find this recommendation useful. 



*If any readers have helpful hints to share, please comment!
  • Mary Vanderplas June 5, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    This sounds like a good system for keeping notes for easy retrieval.

    I don’t have any system for note-keeping. As far as method of Bible study itself is concerned, for me how I read depends on the purpose. If the purpose is devotional, I’ll likely just read, prayerfully and meditatively, without asking a lot of critical questions about the text. If my purpose is rigorous study, then I’ll do things like compare translations, investigate particular words, ask tons of critical questions about the text and the context, search out commentaries, and bat around thoughts with my best friend. On a good day, I won’t stop with reading the text; I’ll let the text read me.

    Thanks for the post. I could benefit from becoming more organized in this area.

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