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The Search, chapter one of Genesis and the Big Bang by Gerald L. Schroeder, Ph.D., begins with a debate between the author and his eight-year-old son, Joshua, regarding the age of the universe. Is the universe roughly fifty-seven centuries old, as Biblical literalists claim, or is it fifteen billion years old, as cosmologists and geologists and a bunch of other -ologists claim? Schroeder says,

As I have studied the details of biblical and scientific texts [twenty-five years and three decades, respectively], I have reached what was for me an enlightening and unexpected conclusion: The biblical narrative and the scientific account of our genesis are two mutually compatible descriptions of the same, single, and identical reality.

Schroeder’s theory, may seem a bit outrageous, but upon closer inspection, he might actually be on to something, as hopefully you will see for yourself, as you read this blog series, or better yet, as you read Schroeder’s book. His sources include the publications of physicists, cosmologists, geophysicists, biologists, molecular chemists, as well as the Pentateuch (a.k.a. the Torah or the Five Books of Moses) and biblical commentaries from “long before the advent of modern physics” to “avoid the folly of using interpretations of tradition that may have been biased by  modern scientific discoveries”:

Albert Einstein

Steven Weinberg

Stephen Hawking

Edwin Taylor

John Archibald Wheeler

Alan Guth

A.G.W. Cameron

Frank Press

Raymond Siever

George Wald

Francis Crick

Onkelos (ca. C.E. 150)

Rashi, Solomon ben Isaac (ca. C.E. 1040-1105)

Maimonides, Moses ben Maimon, a.k.a Rambam (C.E. 1135-1204)

Nahmanides, Moses ben Nahman, a.k.a. Ramban (C.E. 1194-1270)


  • Mary Vanderplas October 26, 2014 at 5:24 am

    I agree about the folly of reading and interpreting the biblical narrative of creation as though it were a scientific document, of seeking to understand the text in terms of modern scientific thought rather than in terms of itself. I agree, too, that the biblical creation account and the scientific account of the origin of the planet are compatible descriptions of a single reality – the one, I would say, being a nonscientific affirmation that the world is how it is by the creative power of God and the other being a scientific explanation of how the world came to be.

  • Alice Spicer October 28, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    It was smart of Schroeder to look for such dated commentaries to avoid that pitfall. This is such an interesting book.

  • Starting Points November 16, 2014 at 10:15 pm

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