The Forgotten Gospel Conference

The Forgotten Gospel Conference

The Forgotten Gospel Conference

The Forgotten Gospel Conference

A message from Gary Amirault, Founder of Tentmaker Ministries, Hope For All Nations and Generations, Who Do Men Say That I Am?

A grateful heart is a magnet to miracles; forgiveness makes room for the miracles and love shares them.

Years ago, our heavenly Father let me experience a depth of gratitude I never knew was possible. I was sitting on a toilet staring at a piece of toilet paper. All of a sudden I had an epiphany in which I was thinking about the many different ways fellow human beings had to do that nasty thing humans have to do on a daily basis. Stones, sponges on a stick, moss, slick catalog sheets, rocks, leaves, old rope, corn cobs, bare hands, etc. Yuck!

And here I was in a warm room with this incredible invention – toilet paper. And I had as much of it as I wanted. Pull a lever and that nasty stuff was just flushed away. Oh, the miracle of it. I cannot describe the depth of gratitude I felt for a single piece of toilet paper. My eyes were pouring out a flood of tears of joy and gratitude. It was truly overwhelming.

Gratitude was truly one of the many blessings I received on Valentines’ Day, 1985 when I received “The Forgotten Gospel,” a gospel that truly brings joy to all peoples of the world. Universal Reconciliation – what a tremendous word of deliverance and salvation. While “traditions of men” and faulty Bible translations have hidden the good news of the ultimate reconciliation of all mankind, through inventions like print-on-demand publishing and the internet, the Victorious Gospel is pouring out into the earth like no time in the world’s history.

There is a conference in Denver, Colorado that I think folks you are acquainted with might be interested in attending. It should be well attending. It is called “The Forgotten Gospel Conference,” hosted by Peter Hiett, pastor of The Sanctuary Downtown.

I would appreciate it if you would visit the conference information site and perhaps let people in your circles know of the event. I think it will be special. People from around the world will be attending. Here are some of the speakers and attending authors. Many other people who have used their speaking and writing skills trumpeting the Victorious Gospel will be attending. Everyone who has been blessed to look into the restoration of all things has a story to tell. Bring yours and share your joy.


Attending Authors:

Some of these authors’ books are free online. Just google the title and the author’s name and explore the search results.

For more information:

Questions about conference:

  • Mary Vanderplas July 14, 2016 at 5:34 am

    From gratitude for the blessing of modern toilets to gratitude for the wonder of discovering that God’s grace is for all people – what a leap! 🙂

    The conference sounds like it will be great – offering lots of food for thought and much joy in experiences of realizing the scope of God’s grace in Christ.

    • Alice Spicer July 17, 2016 at 8:16 pm

      I wish I had known about it sooner. I would have definitely planned to go.

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