DNC Day Three

DNC Day Three

At the Occupy DNC rally hosted by Black Men for Bernie, as we waited for Jill Stein to address a crowd of (my good guess) about 1,000-1,500 people, I broke out poster boards, paint, and paintbrushes, and Bernie Sanders bumper stickers and made protest signs for people who didn’t bring one.

A llama lay nearby. Yes, you read that right. A llama. People poured water on it to keep it cool.

Power To The People played over the loud speakers and people danced and waved signs as they sang along:

  • Election fraud is treason.
  • Moral cowardice is a white epidemic.
  • Ask me why you deserve hell.
  • Dollar Nazis: Clinton/Kaine & the un-Democratic party.
  • Oligarchy creates inequality.
  • What would love do?
  • Black lives matter.
  • The cause is right! The time is now!
  • We’ve been Berned! Vote Jill Stein.
  • A sign with no words but a shockingly powerful message: An image of an aborted baby.

I made my way to the stage during open mic to claim a good spot for getting some footage. The Chestnut Brothers sang Stop the Violence, and then Jill Stein showed up to invite disenfranchised Sanders supporters to join the Green party:

We are a movement for people, for planet, and for peace over profit… Power concedes nothing without a demand, and we are that demand (Frederick Douglass)… [We stand for] economic justice, for racial justice, for workers justice, for climate justice, for indigenous justice, for women’s justice, for LGBTQ justice… We will be a unified movement, an unstoppable movement, because we are for all the forms of justice… [The media] would like us to be a movement to stop fracking over there, and a movement to stop police violence over there, a movement to stop deportation over there. We need to be all of those movements, all together, that’s how we’ll stop the unstoppable…

Her message received a warm and very enthusiastic response from the crowd.

I have yet to write about the giant, fifty-one foot inflatable marijuana joint, a fart-in protest, how we were interviewed by independent media, a brief run-in with Greg Palast, listening to accounts from delegates of what happened within the convention walls, an epic rant from the Sane Progressive, the Death of Democracy candlelight vigil (rescheduled from Day One), and a special preview of the not-yet-released film called The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Oh, and I’m a day behind, so I have yet to write Day Four. But it’s late, and we are driving home tomorrow.

To be continued…

  • Mary Vanderplas July 29, 2016 at 6:33 am

    Sounds like populism at its most intense. In this instance, it was disenfranchised-by-the-establishment Sanders supporters demonstrating against the disenfranchisement of ordinary citizens by a system that gives disproportionate political influence to the wealthy and to corporate interests. Sounds like you found more than a few kindred spirits this week and a political party and candidate that match what you believe in. I imagine it was good to be with others who share your disappointment over Sanders’s decision to stick with the Democratic Party and its nominee and who feel as strongly as you do about the establishment and elite power and the tactics used to preserve the hold on power.

    Interesting slogans. There are, of course, lots of things that create or foster inequality, oligarchy being only one of them. Others include: xenophobic nationalism, racial and ethnic bigotry, religious intolerance, and economic policies that are disproportionately favorable to the wealthy.

    Just curious, was the llama part of the protest? Was its voice…..herd?

    We’re praying that you have a safe trip home.

  • Shirley Carter July 29, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Wow impressive you go Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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