Wednesday’s Word: Story

Wednesday’s Word: Story

Today, I wrote a marketing email for Voxeo, but because of word count restraints, I was unable to include much “story.”

I had just finished reading a handful of case studies about how one of Voxeo’s partner companies used Voxeo technology to resolve a bunch of communication problems in various industries, and I was truly impressed at how important effective communication really is for cost savings, eliminating customer frustrations, empowering management to make concise, well-timed decisions, and more.

I had an idea about marketing (which I’m sure has already been imagined and implemented elsewhere), to go straight to customers to ask them how their lives were affected before and after the new communications systems were implemented, to see the expression on his face as he enthusiastically explains how, because of cost savings, he was able to avoid laying off some of his employees, and to meet those employees and learn how their lives would have been negatively affected by a sudden loss of income, to hear the emotion in her voice as she expresses her gratitude for the elimination of stress caused by the inability to hear and express important ideas in a timely manner, to discover firsthand, on a deeply personal level, why technology really matters.

The heart of all interaction, whether those interactions involve goods, services, or other “commodities” that transcend commerce, like family relationship and friendships, the arts, cause awareness, spiritual treasures, personal enrichment, and the like, is to understand and to be understood.

So often, the underlying and seemingly unimportant stories get lost in the mix, and I long to slow down, to sit and listen, and to bring those compelling stories to readers like you.

  • Stephen Helbig April 10, 2013 at 9:40 pm

    “The heart of all interaction, … is to understand and to be understood.”
    To understand the wisdom above, … “is to love and to be loved in return”

    We are living epistles known and read of all men, …”the book of the life of the Lamb,” ~ a compelling story indeed ~ Thanks Alice

  • Mary Vanderplas April 11, 2013 at 5:30 am

    I like your idea of going to the customers and sharing their stories of how their lives have been positively impacted. I imagine that hearing the stories would enable interested people to see how the technology might benefit them and those around them.

    I like, too, what you say about human encounter involving seeking to understand and to be understood. And I appreciate your desire to listen to and understand those whose lives have been blessed and transformed and to share in writing these powerful stories.

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