About What God Does

About What God Does Website

What does God do? Who is God? Explore these and other questions at WhatGodDoes.com. Test everything. Hold on to what is good.

Have you ever been to church or had a conversation with a religious person in which you asked honest, difficult questions, only to find yourself dissatisfied or disillusioned with the answers (assuming there were answers)? Perhaps you question:

  • the existence of God
  • what it really means to be a “Christian”
  • inconsistencies in scripture
  • the moral track record of religious institutions
  • the fear and terror-related emotions induced by eternal torment and wrath-of-God doctrines
  • how religion’s insistence on tribal and mythological thinking has stumped human progress in science and learning

Or you want to know how and why it is that a good God seems to have approved of:

  • slavery
  • the degradation of women
  • genocide
  • torture
  • ill-treatment of homosexuals or people who are otherwise labeled “outcast”

If this is true of you, you are in good company.

There are thousands of people all around with world who haven’t entirely given up on their own spirituality but are sick to death of the hypocrisy and hate that seems to inevitably accompany spiritual discussion. This blog is concerned with Who God is and what God does, without all the showy pretenses and quid pro quos imposed by the corrupt spiritual police of this world.

The content of www.whatgoddoes.com includes information about church history, articles contrasting and comparing ideas in theology, popular opinion, science, and philosophy, critical analysis of sermons, apologetic books, articles, blogs, and other media, and creative musings about current events, entertainment, and my own personal experiences.

Sadly, many people believe what they have been told by their pastors, friends, and terribly erroneous, orthodoxy-approved study materials (I call it the LifeWay matrix – although I didn’t coin the phrase).  And of those who have been fortunate enough to have never been assimilated into or perhaps escaped from the mind-sucking religious collective, many give up on God altogether.

But God has a way of making Himself known despite the thick fog of religious dogma.  He (She?) eventually draws all people to Himself and shows them the difference between religious bullshit and truth, in His own time and in His own way.  He knows and has purposed that people will wake up to the circus-side-show of churchy emotional ploys, anti-intellectualism, logical fallacies, circular reasonings, and sometimes outright deceptions.

You, reader, are to be applauded, not shunned or ridiculed for using your God-given ability to think critically, hold a default position of skepticism, and reject erroneous ideas.  Even if you disagree with the content of www.whatgoddoes.com, I welcome your perspective in the comment section.

Occasionally, there are feature blogs that showcase some of your excellent, well-thought-out comments, as well as guest blogs from people who may hold views that oppose my own.  Honest, open discussion, a valuable tool for learning, is unfortunately lacking in the institution of church, but the Internet, just like the printing press, is shaping a new world of liberated thinking with the free exchange of information and ideas.

— Alice Spicer