The 9/11 Memorial is the backdrop for the movie, Hellbound? directed by Kevin Miller. The first interview is with a member of Westboro Baptist Church. She holds two signs. One says “GOD H8S FALSE PROPHETS.” The other says, “SOLDIERS DIE 4 FAG MARRIAGE.” She believes 9/11 was engineered by God to give WBC protestors a platform. She says that 99.999999999 999999% of humanity is going to hell because God “wants to, because He can.”

The scene changes to news reports of Osama Bin Laden killed and a newspaper headline, “ROT IN HELL!”

The narrator (Miller?) says,

This is why we want hell. In the face of such overwhelming evil, sometimes our only comfort is the hope that somehow, someday, the people who do such things will have hell to pay. But if we are completely honest, is this way of dealing with evil really satisfying? Because, if the only way to get rid of evil is to get rid of evil people, who among us will be left? Is hell really God’s final answer to our pain? Because if God responds to evil in the same way we do, how can we call Him good? How can we call Him God?

This dichotomy the backbone of the entire film. Our desire for justice, and how that desire surfaces in our beliefs about Who God is and what God does.

What was your reaction when Osama Bin Laden was killed?