Big Bang

Starting Points

Starting Points

Scientists, atheists, and others may have a hard time understanding why people without answers turn to an ancient text for enlightenment or revelation. The way I see it, we should consider every bit of information available and postpone rejecting ideas that have not yet been disproven — whether that information comes from imaginary mathematical dimensions or an ancient text.

Duplicate Me

The previous blog, “What Caused God?” postulates, If anything at all exists (here I must use words that are not adequate, since language fails at this point) in that realm of unsolved mystery before the Big Bang, it must be both eternal and self-existant (not relying on anything else to cause it,…

What Caused God?

The previous blog, “Crazy Neighbors” asserts that every effect has a cause.  The obvious follow up question is, “If every effect has a cause, then what caused God?”  The question is a bit misleading, because it assumes that God is included in that category we define as “effect.”  But God isn’t…